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28. Mai 2021 at 18:05
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What are the literary characteristics of an essay? How to successfully apply its literary side to write a winning essay?

Essay (from the French essai – “attempt, sample, essay”) – a prose essay of small volume and free composition, expressing individual impressions and considerations on a particular issue or question, and knowingly not claiming to be exhaustive onlineclasshero.com reviews. It is a new, subjectively colored word about something that has a philosophical, historical and biographical, journalistic, literary and critical, popular science or fiction.

Essay – an independent written abstract-analytical work, covering the current state of a particular problem and containing an answer to the question about the prospects and possible ways of solving it. Not allowed plagiarism!!!

The genre of essay implies freedom of creativity. The beauty of it is that it can be written on any topic and in any style, i.e., about anything and how you want, because an essay is your reflection on what you have heard, read, or watched.

In the foreground of the essay – the personality of the author, his thoughts, feelings, attitude towards the world. This is the main setting of the essay. However, it is necessary to remember that despite the freedom of creativity, writing in the genre of essays is not easy at all, because it is necessary to find an original idea (even on traditional material), an unconventional view of a problem.

Imagery, paradoxicality, aphoristic – these are the main distinctive features of the essay style. In order to convey a personal perception, mastering of the world, the author of the essay selects analogies; draws numerous examples; draws parallels; uses all kinds of associations.

The essay is characterized by the use of numerous means of artistic expression (metaphors, allegorical and parable images, symbols, comparisons)

Essay: specifics of the genre
The specificity of the essay genre is expressed by the following features:

The title of the essay is not in direct dependence on the topic: in addition to reflecting the content of the work, it can be a starting point in the thoughts of the author, express the relationship of part and whole.

The free composition of the essay is subject to its internal logic, and the main idea of the essay should be sought in the “motley lace” of the author’s reflections. In this case, the problem touched upon will be considered from different sides.

If in an essay on a literary theme, a rational combination of analysis of a work of fiction with the author’s own reasoning should prevail, then in an essay, the author’s position is clearly expressed.

Whereas in a traditional essay, the individual characteristics of the style and language of the essay author are welcome, in an essay, the individual author’s style is a requirement of the genre.

24. Juli 2021 at 06:03
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6. September 2021 at 00:21
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